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Who did wake me up? I was dreaming my long sweet Nile
Some took my golden mask away and put its picture on magazine
Some took my body behind a glass in a modern museum
I'm your pharaoh!

I desired to relax for eternity

I'm undressed without my treasures, lonely without the snakes
Son of Sun God Ra, Lord of the Two Lands, World at my feet
King of Upper and Lower Egypt, two crowns on my head
I'm the pharaoh!

This present will last for eternity

Tutankamon's malediction blues
Tutankamon everybody on my wagon

I wanna read this papyrus

Ozone hole, two people and a wall
Terroristic attacks, Apprehension on the earth
Financial crisis are dancing on your immoderate desire
I'm the pharaoh!

I wanna go back in my grave

Tutankamon's malediction blues
Blues Blues
Tutankamon's malediction blues
Tutankamon, everybody on my wagon