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Hey, look back brother, do you see those two boys?
Together on this road, together in this never ending trip;

Just one track, just one step

I never felt alone,
Because you were there beside me with your faithful guitar
And the typical irony of rock'n'blues
Nor the hurricanes made a clean sweep of us, nor broke us,
Because our roots are deep

And bloody beer in the veins

Hey, listen to me brother, do you hear this weary rhythm, without saving?
Engines at top speed, nobody can cut it out.
Upset faces, people think we are out of time,
But they don't know rock'n'roll is our creed, out love, our temple !!!

I didn't feel at the maximum the other night
Then we plugged the jack and everything has changed
That famous riff from the Fender spread out
I understood I didn't make a mistake

The long night was just begun !!!

Nota: questa canzone e' tratta dal racconto "Buick '63" by Manu